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Sinéad Butters, Chair of PlaceShapers, said:

“The publication of the Green Paper and the start of a conversation about the role and importance social housing is welcomed by PlaceShapers.

“One of four founding principles of PlaceShapers is putting tenants at our heart. We are really pleased the Green Paper highlights the particular role community-based housing associations can play in responding to their residents and enabling them to take a central part in decision-making. We look forward to sharing more of the innovative work our members are doing as part of the consultation.

“Our We Care campaign shows the many ways our members invest in their communities from helping people find jobs to supporting vulnerable new mums to providing hostels for homeless people. But we also recognise there is more we need to do, both in listening to residents and providing them with the best service we can. We are fully committed to doing this.

“We look forward to discussing the proposals contained the in Green Paper regarding regulation. But we are concerned that one measure highlighted - league tables - won’t actually measure quality, would create false competition and distract us from getting on with the crucial job of building homes and communities.

“We are very proud of the homes that we build and the people and communities we serve. It’s shocking that people still suffer stigma if they live in social housing. To really tackle stigma, we must support campaigns like Benefit to Society but also promote the role that social housing tenants play in shaping their communities way beyond the housing sector.

“And to really tackle stigma we need to be proudly building thousands of social rented homes a year. As the owners of almost 1m homes and with 152,000 in the building pipeline, PlaceShapers has capacity and commitment to deliver and we welcome the Government’s recognition that we need to build affordable homes. This must be matched with proper investment to build social housing we can all be proud of.”

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