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PlaceShapers reception for MPs a huge success

PlaceShapers reception for MPs a huge success: The PlaceShapers Group held a reception at the Houses of Parliament on the 8th December 2008, hosted by Greg Hands MP.

The reception launched the PlaceShapers most recent research report Heroes or Villains? - MP Perceptions of Housing Associations. The reception was attended by representatives from the PlaceShapers members, MPs from all parties and a range of individuals from the Tenant Services Authority, Homes and Communities Agency, Chartered Institute of Housing and The National Housing Federation.

Speakers at the event included:

  • Barbara Thorndick, the Chair of the PlaceShapers Group, Greg Hands MP, a member of the Select Committee for Communities and Local Government and Anthony Mayer, Chairman of the Tenant Services Authority.

All the speeches reinforced the findings of the research report that the PlaceShapers agenda is 'on the button'. Greg Hands and Anthony Mayer were especially supportive of the group and its ethos.

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