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PlaceShapers punch above weight

New research shows that PlaceShapers ‘punch above their weight’ building new homes, confirming the value of a diverse housing sector. PlaceShapers built or acquired almost 13,000 new homes across all tenures in 2014/15 alone. More than 26,000 new homes are in the pipeline for the next three years.

PlaceShapers Chair, Sinead Butters, said: “The value of community based housing associations is clear. We’re balancing our role as home builders across all tenures as well as delivering massive community investment.

“An analysis of its 46 members shows they collectively invested £30m in additional services which help build safe, strong and inclusive communities. With 116 members, the actual investment will be far, far higher. These are often referred to as ‘non-core’ but for Placeshapers these are at the heart of what we do.

“This new data shows that PlaceShapers' commitment to and investment in local communities is entirely compatible with us also punching above our weight in delivering new homes. This goes hand in hand with a wide range of diverse, value for money services that help to sustain communities.”

These services often focus on building employment skills – both for our residents and the wider community – leading to lasting jobs. PlaceShapers increased their turnover by 3% to £4.2bn while at the same time delivering a 1.9% reduction in operating costs. The data comes from a HouseMark report ‘Making an Impact 2014/15’ which analysed returns from 104 of 116 PlaceShapers.

Ross Fraser, Chief Executive, HouseMark, said: “PlaceShapers are responding to the efficiency agenda, building more new homes while reducing operating costs. At the same time, its members maintain high levels of community investment, spread across 92% of English local authority areas. The PlaceShapers model is clearly effective.”

Read the full report.


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