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PlaceShapers Director

A rare opportunity has arisen for an executive level professional to lead the activities of PlaceShapers, taking responsibility for strategic and governance support to our network.

Reporting to the Chair, the new director will ensure that PlaceShapers contributes positively to national and local policy development, that our members are able to learn from each-other and others through mutual support and that our governance and operating structures are fit for purpose.

PlaceShapers chair Sinead Butters said: “I have been Chair of PlaceShapers since 2015, during which time our more than 100 PlaceShapers members have seen tremendous change in the political landscape and challenges to their businesses that are the most significant in many years.

“A consensus has been developing that the housing crisis has reached a point where real action is required to address the shortage of affordable housing.

“Housing associations have been at the forefront of providing social and affordable housing and our PlaceShapers members are at the heart of their communities, providing housing, support and training to enable people to live secure and fulfilling lives.

“The role will be key to our continued success at influencing policy and decision makers, whilst ensuring the network remains strong and grows in the future to ensure our good work can continue. This is a rare opportunity to work with senior leaders, politicians, regulators and other stakeholders across the country in a role with real social purpose.”

The role has arisen because, after 10 years of supporting PlaceShapers, Lucy Ferman is retiring at the end of June.

For the application pack, click here.

Closing date: Friday 20 April 2018
First round interviews:
Thursday 3 May 2018 (in London)

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