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September 16 2013

Wellingborough Homes is 100th member

Wellingborough Homes became the 100th housing association to be accepted as a PlaceShaper. Wellingborough Homes chief executive Dave Willis said it meant it would be working alongside like-minded organisations, all of which look out for the local interests of their residents.

He said: “PlaceShapers is committed to local accountability and works to support, community-based housing groups, so we were not only thrilled to be unanimously accepted into the group but to find out that we were its 100th member. It’s important for us as a small, independent housing group that we continue to focus on excellent services for all our residents and work on innovative projects that demonstrate our commitment to working with local partners for the benefit of all.

“We are strong believers in delivering local services that are designed with and for local people. In our view, it provides better joined-up and more efficient and effective services, and therefore greater value for money.

“Being part of PlaceShapers will not change that but we will be in a position to add our voice to another significant lobbying vehicle so that our views can be aired and heard on matters that are of importance to the social housing sector.

“It is another channel of knowledge for us,  a critical part of our approach to risk management – being aware of and alert to emerging trends and risks.”

Welcoming Wellingborough Homes to PlaceShapers, PlaceShapers chair Tony Stacey said: “We have gone from strength to strength since we began five years ago and have become a strong and effective voice for social housing. We also drive up standards in housing by sharing best practice, helping each other develop services that really meet local needs and make lasting difference to the lives of our residents.”

Since Wellingborough Homes became PlaceShapers, Pierhead,Two Castles and Merlin housing associations have also been accepted bringing the membership to 103.

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