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PlaceShapers call for a more permissive and proportionate approach to regulation

In response to the HCA’s discussion paper “ Protecting social housing assets in a more diverse sector” the PlaceShapers Group, a network of almost 100 community-based housing associations responsible for over a quarter of the sector’s housing stock, has issued this statement.*

Tony Stacey, chair of the PlaceShapers Group, said: “As a group we considered these proposals very seriously and took the opportunity to invite Julian Ashby, chair of the HCA’s Regulatory Committee, to two round-table discussions on the proposals with our members.

“We hope our robust but measured response demonstrates our understanding of the Regulator’s key concerns and that our request for a more permissive and proportionate approach than that outlined in the discussion paper will be embraced.

“It is our firm belief that our governance structures and boards have evolved to respond to the dual challenges of co-regulation and developing new community enterprises. We believe we can develop the right approaches to risk management which will enable us to continue to manage social and non-social housing activities in the same organisation. Our boards are geared up to do this now.

“The proposals as currently framed would, we believe, constitute a significant set-back to the contribution we make to our local communities through a diverse range of initiatives from care and support to social enterprises that help people get back into work.

“In our response we have set out our thoughts on an alternative approach that focuses on risk management and is not focused on turnover, which we believe is a poor substitute for risk.

Download PlaceShapers response to HCA Regulation proposals (PDF 229.9KB)

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