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PlaceShapers and TPAS Roundtable - Wed 24 Feb, 5pm

Net zero carbon; how are we going to get there?

PlaceShapers and TPAS are hosting three roundtable events for residents in early 2021.  Each roundtable will be held on zoom, for 90 minutes. The purpose of the events is to listen to residents and hear your views and insights. We want to know how much you know about the NZC target and what they think it might mean for you, your homes and communities.

At each session, we will aim to have an introduction from TPAS or PlaceShapers, a short opening speech from an ‘expert’ on NZC then small group discussions. We will provide a very short overview snapshot of the group discussions at the end of the event and then set out how we will follow up with participants.

Want to join us? Simply complete the registration form and we will send you the joining instructions.  

Organiser Details

Name: Charlotte Kay


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