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One in five Sunday Times Top 100 Organisations are PlaceShapers.


Following an awards ceremony in London on 27 February, it was revealed that at least 21 PlaceShapers are in the prestigious Top 100 list of the best companies to work for in the not for profit sector in 2013.

The Best Companies lists are compiled based on research from the largest survey of its kind and published in The Sunday Times every year in March. The survey asks employees to rate their organisations across eight engagement factors covering how they feel about the company, its leader and their manager as well as whether they are happy with the pay and benefits they receive.

The highest scoring PlaceShaper was B3Living in Broxbourne, at number four after jumping six places from number 10 in 2012.

John Giesen, chief executive of B3Living (pictured right), said: "The most important thing about this award is that it reflects the great service we provide to our residents and partners. We want to live our values and it shows!"

"Being a best company is about excelling in every area throughout the workplace and an organisation's commitment to its most important assets - its workforce. "

Peaks and Plains Housing Trust in Macclesfield was placed in the list for the first time at number 38 and won a special award for the most Improved.

Chief executive, Tim Pinder, said: "What makes it special for us is being listed among other PlaceShapers for whom we have the greatest respect. If ever the adage; Judge us by the Company we keep was appropriate, it's when looking down this Top 100 list. We've been inspired by PlaceShapers who got there before us in previous years and have worked really hard as a team this last 12 months to understand what our colleagues need to feel more engaged and to then strive to make it happen.

Other successful member organisations came from up and down the country with 11 entering for the first time.

Tony Stacey, chair of the PlaceShapers Group, said: "I am delighted to see so many PlaceShapers listed in this year's best not for profit list. Human-sized organisations like PlaceShapers are superbly placed to engage staff, deliver excellent services that are really focused on their local customers and create national impact. This is a fantastic testament to their efforts."

The not for profit list will be published in The Sunday Times on Sunday 17 March and will include a full profile on all the successful organisations via a dedicated website

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Notes to editor

This year The Sunday Times Best Companies and Best Not-For-Profit Organisations to Work For lists were derived from entries of 896 organisations. In total over 240,000 employees were surveyed for these lists and Best Companies carried out an evaluation of each organisation's key statistics, processes and policies. The survey covers eight engagement factors: Leadership, Wellbeing, My Manager, My Team, My Company, Personal Growth, Giving Something Back, Fair Deal.

The full list of PlaceShapers who made the Top 100 Best not for profit list 2013, includes* the below.

The number in bracket relates to each organisation's list ranking and then if there is a number after this, this relates to their position in the 2012 competition. We have also included whether it was an organisation first time or not, where we had this information.

1. B3Living, Broxbourne serving the Lea Valley area with 4,500 homes (4) 10 fourth time of entry

2. South Liverpool Homes, South Liverpool, 3,500 homes (12) 89 (so a 77 place jump)

3. Gentoo Group, Sunderland with 29,000 homes (21)

4. Regenda Group, north west, 13,000 homes (37) first time

5. Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Macclesfield with 5,000 homes (38) first time and won win the special award on the night for most Improved in the list

6. North Devon Homes, more than 3,200 homes (42) first time

7. North Lincolnshire Homes, Scunthorpe serving north Lincolnshire with 10,000 homes (45) 85 third time

8. Cross Keys Homes, Peterborough serving the city and surrounding areas, 10,000 homes (53) 66 third time

9. Trafford Housing Trust, Cheshire with 9,000 homes (54) 100 fourth time

10. Aspire Group approximately 20,000 customers (58) 90

11. Trident - The Social Investment Group, Midlands with 3,500 homes (62) 62

12. Tower Hamlets Community Housing, London with more than 3,000 homes (69) first time

13. Livin, Sedgefield serving Durham with 8,500 properties (70) first time

14. Isos Housing serving the North East with nearly 12,000 homes (71) first time

15. Havebury Housing Partnership serving Suffolk and Cambridgeshire with 6,000 properties (73) first time

16. Broadland Housing, Norwich serving Norfolk and Suffolk with 4,500 homes (75)<

17. SBHG (Shepherds Bush Housing Group), west London with more than 5,000 homes (85) first time

18. Coastline Housing, Cornwall with 3,900 homes (89) first time

19. Selwood Housing, Wiltshire &amp; Somerset with 5,750 homes (92) first time

20. City South Manchester Housing Trust with 4,500 homes (96) first time

21. Wirral Partnership Homes with 12,400 homes (99) first time

*The full list will be published on Sunday 17 March and may include other PlaceShaper organisations who we hadn't heard from at the time of publishing this release.

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