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Scrutiny panel off to a flying start

The training session was conducted virtually on Microsoft Teams, and although it was a different experience, and made getting to know each other a bit harder, the group was able to contribute to the discussions and still able to chat. The training covered:

  • housing regulation
  • the importance of the scrutiny panel
  • co-regulation in service improvement
  • scrutiny methodology and processes.

The panel was formed and recruited at the end of last year after a thorough recruitment process. Because the scrutiny panel requires a higher level of commitment than other involvement opportunities, it was important to have a selection process that reflected that.

What is a scrutiny panel?

The scrutiny panel operates independently, and as a group they are expected to research policies and operations with the aim of recommending beneficial service improvements, or money saving strategies. The scrutiny panel members will do this by analysing performance indicators, data trends and complaints to help us perform to the best of our ability, and capacity.

Why is it so important?

The scrutiny panel works in partnership with West Kent to raise and resolve issues across the business for a better resident experience. Their perspective, as residents, is invaluable and their combined experience and skills will help us to improve services for all residents. It is only with this resident feedback that we can aim to be the leading community provider of affordable homes in Kent.