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North Star helps schools in Africa

Never stationary!

North Star has recently launched a new company brand, bringing together the identity of North Star, Endeavour and Teesdale Housing Associations.

This resulted in lots of stationery that was no longer of use to them. Working together with School Aid, a charity supporting the advancement of education in Africa, they have donated a range of stationery which will be used to help children attend school each day, complete their studies and find paid work.

Each day 40 million African children are unable to attend school, many due to lack of school supplies. This generous donation shows the housing association’s commitment to improving the quality of life for people at home and abroad.

Angela Lockwood, Chief Executive at North Star, said: “We’re delighted to be able to work with School Aid to provide such valuable materials for schools in Africa. We pride ourselves in providing services and creating opportunities that really help make a difference, so we’re really pleased to be able to donate our old stationery to such a fantastic cause.

“The coming together of our three brands is an exciting step forward for us. Through our extensive work in the North East and North Yorkshire, as Endeavour and Teesdale Housing Associations and North Star Housing Group, we have a heritage of giving people so much more than a place to live. We’ve provided a whole range of support to help build and sustain diverse and enriching communities, and the work we’re doing with School Aid demonstrates that we’re committed to continuing that mission as North Star.”