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North Lincolnshire Homes’ name change

North Lincolnshire Homes’ name change

Andy Orrey, Chief Executive of North Lincolnshire Homes, said: “The long-term aim of Ongo is to establish profit-making ventures and social enterprises which not only strengthen the viability of the whole group, but also increase our opportunities to support our housing tenants and invest in North Lincolnshire communities.

“As a brand, Ongo stands for our ongoing commitment to the people who live in our North Lincolnshire homes and communities. It was set up, by North Lincolnshire Homes, for the sole purpose of being able to invest more into the region. That’s where our priorities remain.

“North Lincolnshire Homes has made vast improvements in local social housing and the company has made great advances since the day it transferred from the council in 2007. We believe that now is the right time to recognise this transformation by changing the name from one which still retains its old links with the past, to one which better reflects today’s ambition, vibrancy and ongoing commitment.”

Ongo was set up in 2013 as the parent company of North Lincolnshire Homes, a registered social housing association. Two new subsidiaries were set up at the same time - Ongo Communities and Ongo Commercial.

The creation of Ongo provided an opportunity for Scunthorpe-based recruitment agency Crosby Employment to join our group in 2014 and offer increased training, support and employment for our tenants.

It has also allowed increased investment in community projects, such as our furniture recycling project Choose to Reuse, and local handyvan services, both of which provide vital opportunities for local volunteers.

Also in 2014, Ongo bought a successful roofing company which has lowered roof repair costs for our housing association, and generates additional income for the group.

A resolution to change the name gained a majority vote at the North Lincolnshire Homes’ Annual General Meeting on 14 September 2015.

The commitment of Ongo and its future within North Lincolnshire is further reinforced by the recent announcement that the group will be moving its headquarters into Scunthorpe town centre at the end of 2017.

Andy Orrey added: “Our tenants can be confident that the services they receive from us will remain the same. They will see the same people doing their repairs and speak to the same people when they call us. This is just a name change, nothing more.”