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NLH tenants to benefit from solar panels

We've been working with Empower Community with the aim of improving the energy efficiency of many homes and helping to save our tenants money.

A government-backed payment called a ‘feed-in tariff’ will be received for every unit of electricity that the panels generate; meaning that the initiative pays for itself and remaining funds will be re-invested back into the community.

Homes must meet certain criteria in order to receive the panels, which includes:

  • The home faces the right direction to get the most sunshine
  • The electrical network provider Northern Power Grid must approve the connection of the property
  • The roof is at the right angle to put solar panels on
  • The roof is strong enough to take the weight of the solar panels
  • The home isn't overshadowed by other buildings and trees

Surveys are currently taking place to ascertain those properties that are suitable, with letters being sent to those tenants who may be able to benefit.

The first solar panels have been fitted this week, with many more tenants expected to benefit.

Neil Webster, Head of Regeneration here at Ongo commented: “We’re working hard to ensure that our properties are as energy efficient as possible, and solar panels are just one of the ways that we can ensure this.

“Solar panels are proven to account for lower energy costs as a result of being able to generate their own electricity via sunlight, so it’s great news for our tenants too.

“Even if a tenant doesn’t directly benefit, the money granted to us will be put back into local communities.”

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