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PlaceShapers point the way for localism

Community-based housing associations providing homes for more than a million people across England have shown how localism works, in a major new report lauched on Wednesday 7 December.

The PlaceShapers Group of housing associations launched its 'Localism that works' report at a Westminster reception with the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Decentralisation and Cities. The report contains 16 inspiring case studies of how housing associations engage and empower local communities to make things happen.

PlaceShapers housing associations' achievements covered in the report include:

  • helping nearly 10,000 young people into or towards employment
  • saving over £2 million (43%) in public spending by reducing overcrowding and welfare dependency for young adults
  • cutting crime in the Trafford area of Manchester by 12% in a year, and saving over £3 million in the costs of justice, custody and crime.

The case studies cover an amazing range of innovative projects and activities - from a partnership with a professional basketball team to reduce youth crime, to growing and eating healthy food, support for older people and those with mental health problems and running a factory to manufacture low carbon homes. The common thread running through all the projects is how housing associations bring together and unlock resources from all kinds of groups and organisations to benefit local communities.

This approach shows how the Government's vision for localism can work in practice and deliver great value for money. Introducing the report, the Minister said:

"This report is a vivid illustration of how PlaceShapers engage with the future of their estates and communities. Across the country, they have helped people return to work, reduce crime, create jobs and transform local neighbourhoods. The 16 case studies are a testament to what local initiative and local innovation can do. This is decentralisation that works - people taking control of their lives. PlaceShapers Group members are shining examples of housing providers that are much more than landlords."

Tony Stacey, Chair of the PlaceShapers Group and Chief Executive of South Yorkshire Housing Association, said: "If there's one report you read this year, it's this one. It shows how PlaceShapers housing associations' determination to drive up quality and play a full part in localism is up there in lights. We're delighted that the work housing associations do in local communities every day of the week is being recognised as exactly what's needed right across the UK.

"We want people to use this report and be inspired to replicate and build on the success of the case study projects in their own neighbourhoods."

To read the report click here.

To find out more about PlaceShapers, please contact:

Tony Stacey
Chair, PlaceShapers Group and Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Housing Association
0114 290 0235 or


Lucy Ferman,
Project Manager, PlaceShapers Group
07974 371808 or

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