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The 11th PlaceShapers conference was November 2018. Read the conference report.  The conference agenda included:

Creating and selling our story
PlaceShapers future direction
Shaping Our Housing Policy (as the Green Paper consultation closes, what are the key areas PlaceShapers should be focusing on to change policy in the coming years).

The 10th PlaceShaper conference was on 15 November 2017. Read more.


The 9th PlaceShapers annual conference was on Tuesday 15 November 2016. Read more.

Placeshapers and the health sector jointly hosted conference on the integration of health and housing services.  The annual cost to the National Health Service of conditions where poor housing is a main contributor is £2.5 billion. Click here to read more.

The HCA met PlaceShaper Chairs and Board Members prior to going out to formal consultation on the revised proposals for changes to the regulatory framework. To read the PlaceShaper response to the regulatory reform proposals, please click here.

Housing minister Mark Prisk was guest speaker at the 2013 PlaceShapers conference when we launched our 'Build local' report which reveals how PlaceShapers around the country are unblocking stalled developments. To read the report, click here.

"Housing associations have lost their way and should stick to housing the poorest and most vulnerable." That was the subject of the PlaceShapers northern members forum. Click to read the summary here.

 PlaceShapers members' conference on community investment. Click here for details.




Star Builders

Coastline_Housing_Nansloe reduced size for homeCoastline_Housing_Nansloe reduced size for home

Spring star builders
Click here to discover how Placeshapers in the South West & Wales are providing new, exciting and diverse housing to the region. more...

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