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New PlaceShapers Chair

Sinéad Butters, Chief Executive of Staffordshire based Aspire Group, has been appointed chair of PlaceShapers. She has succeeded John Giesen who recently took over the role from Tony Stacey but has announced that he will retire from his role as Chief Executive of B3Living in March 2016.

Starting in the role today Sinéad said: "I am delighted to have been appointed Chair of PlaceShapers, following in the capable footsteps of Tony Stacey and John Giesen.

“For me, at this point in our history, it wasn't a difficult decision to stand.  Now is the time for PlaceShaper members to really promote what we do; to make the case for house building of all tenures and community investment, for aspiration, social mobility and regeneration, working hand in hand.  These things aren't mutually exclusive and we have proven our model works.  Now it's time others get that message too.

“In my role as Chair, I am determined I get to know our members even better and with their help ensure our value and the value of our sector doesn't get lost forever.”

PlaceShapers is a membership network of over 100 community based housing associations who own more than 750,000 homes collectively, contribute around 25% of new homes provided through the National Affordable Housing Programme and provide services to more than two million people.


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