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Tower Hamlets Community Housing


London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Key contact:

Philip Sullivan, Chief Executive


020 7780 3070

Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

Tower Hamlets Community Housing news

Homeless Dinners Project (1)

Working with our community to feed those in need

Bright Stars Parent and Toddler Group

Over 400 residents join THCH's fun packed afternoon celebrating Eid


The Community Development Team Tower Hamlets Community Housing donated 3 ex-staff PCs to Employment First, a community-led employment organisation.


Social return on investments

Community is in our name and we work closely with residents, groups and local providers.  

In 2015/16 (as at 31.12.15), we have: 

  • 7 Community Centres
  • 50+ groups providing the following services:
    • Childrens and Youth activities
    • Gardening Clubs
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Hobby & Recreational
    • Homework / Study
    • IT Training
    • Language Classes
    • Older person activities
    • Parent & Toddler clubs
  • We operate a small grant fund and so far have supported:
    • Rainbow Film Festival - local film festival
    • Zander Court Gardening Club - 10-week food growing project
    • Purple Moon Drama - Youth drama project
    • Mr Miah - Resident's Summer BBQ
    • Parent & Toddler's Club - Equipment
    • Golden Pensioner's Club - Arts & crafts project
    • BG Community Fitness Club - Various fitness projects
    • Our Variety Club - Various hobby projects
    • Sew 'n' Mend - Women's sewing project
    • St Peter's Bengali Association - Women's health seminars
    • Young @ Heart - Christmas meal
    • Link Age Plus - Christmas meal
    • The Rooted Forum - Intergenerational IT project
    • Sew 'n' Mend - Women's sewing entrepreneurial project
  • Supported local groups through training and various courses/seminars including:
    • Debt advice 
    • Energy efficiency
    • Cancer awareness sessions
    • Combatting loneliness project 
    • Respite care 

Why we joined PlaceShapers

THCH is an independent resident-led and community based housing association operating in the East End of London striving to provide safe, high quality, affordable homes and Value for Money services whilst contributing to the social and economic regeneration of the local community.


Our committment to developing and working closely with local partners fits well with the Placeshapers principles.

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