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One Manchester


Central, south and east Manchester

Key contact:

Group Chief Executive, Dave Power


0330 355 1000

Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

Additional services

We believe that our responsibilities go much further than providing good quality, affordable homes.  We exist to play an active role in developing our communities.  We help people manage their money, find work, start-up businesses and stay healthy and well.  In directing our attention to the needs of individual people – the very reason we exist – we aim to create places that will thrive and prosper.  

One Money

Money can mean security and independence. So to give people the confidence and skills to better handle their finances, our money mentors offer tips and advice on everything from furnishing a home affordably to paying less for gas and electricity. We help customers make sense of everything from budgeting to banking; so money problems don’t become a problem.

One Future

We believe that everyone has a chance to create a brighter future. And we want to help make sure that’s possible by helping people in our communities to get into work or training and get on in life. Providing training, placements and volunteering opportunities, our free advice and support service is set up to equip people with the skills, confidence and experience employers are looking for.

One Place

We believe in looking after the interests of the whole area, not just the areas where we have houses. Our places and neighbourhoods differ in terms of opportunity, quality, value and facilities. So together with our partners, we look at what’s needed most, what will work best, where we allocate time and money and how we maximise our impact to help places and residents grow and thrive.

 One Life

Feel better, live better. It’s as simple as that. That’s why we’re always working to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in our communities. But we don’t just focus on physical health, we bring people together to reduce social isolation, promote better emotional wellbeing, and help everyone to access activities which improve health and wellbeing, whatever their age or ability. It’s a more all-round approach; one we know helps to grow happier, healthier communities.

One Venture

We believe in business. So whether it’s a new start up or an established enterprise looking to take things to the next level, we’re here to help people reach their goals. From training and funding to finding affordable workspaces, we’ll support you all the way. We work closely with a range of partners to encourage, support and develop enterprise and small businesses.

One Youth

Young people are the future. Tomorrow’s movers, shakers and decision makers. So it’s vital that we connect with, support and invest in the young people across our city. We reach out to young people of all ages, interests and backgrounds, to develop their skills, self-esteem and confidence. Because giving our young people better opportunities helps them achieve the brighter future they deserve.

Social return on investments

Our social investment strategy is at the heart of everything we do as an organisation. Our One Manchester vision commits us to using our skills and resources to build “Resilient Thriving Communities” and this strategy sets out the ways that we can work towards achieving this vision and in particular how we will achieve social  objectives above and beyond our core business of managing and developing housing.

Our mission is to create opportunities, transform communities and change lives. We use our mission as a guide for how to prioritise our social investment strategy, the principles and channels for investment and the support that we offer to our communities.

To ensure that we achieve our mission, we have adopted the following priorities that will hopefully give us outcomes that benefit our communities in the best way possible. Each of these priority outcomes has projects and work that contribute to achieving our overall social aims.

Stronger more resilient communities: Supporting the capacity of local groups and individuals enabling them contribute to their own communities.

Improved places and reduced environmental impact: Enhancing the local environment, and acting responsibly to reduce our impact on global environmental issues.

Stronger more resilient local economy: Enabling more people to be active within our local  economies, and supporting local business to develop and grow.

Healthier and happier people in our communities: Providing and supporting activities and services that improve wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

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