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North Star


North East and North Yorkshire. North Star has three operating companies, Endeavour Housing Association, Teesdale Housing Association and Darlington Housing Association.

Key contact:

Angela Lockwood


03000 11 00 11

Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

North Star news

Jim Gordon, Jed Lester, Phil Wilson MP, Ron Starkey

North Star Housing Group, brings new, affordable homes to Middleton St George, Darlington.


North Star has been fully re-accredited against the “Customer Service Excellence” government standard for another year.

Angela Lockwood, Chloe Newbould, MP Paul Williams

Stockton South MP, Paul Williams, visits North Star Housing Group’s Parkfield Hall scheme to see how young people are being supported in Stockton.


Social return on investments

We build homes, but more importantly we create futures, and we develop communities from the inside out. We work together to build on our strengths and to really help make a different to our tenants' lives. 

We aim to do so much more then provide a home, and we do this by adding value to our customers and communities. Through a range of community initiatives, improving neighbourhoods and green spaces, employment and training opportunities, working closely with local schools and much more.

To make sure we're providing the best value we can to our tenants, we use an impact measurement system, which is simple, meaningful and flexible. It includes clear measures and targets, a toolkit of methods depending on the type, size and scope of projects and a comprehensive range of outcomes.

The outcomes are usually a mix of qualitative (views and opinions) and quantitative (facts and figures) data. Where possible, the outcomes are given monetary value based on the Social Value Bank (SVB), a Treasury approved set of values which provides figures for qualitative experience.

 In 2015/16 

For every £1 invested in the projects, £6.05 was generated in social impact.

North Star invested £66,773.62

Projects have generated an additional £36,682

Community projects have benefited 2,665 people.

Why we joined PlaceShapers

North Star joined PlaceShapers because it stood for all the values we hold dearly. We met the criteria and more: being local and community focussed, creating and developing great relationships, collaboration, sharing, transparency and honesty. When we looked at the existing list of members, they were Housing Associations that we valued and respected. All of this  meant we could share with organisations good practice, information, advice and guidance. For us it was an easy decision to work with like minded people who we trusted – what’s not to like!!

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