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Housing Solutions Limited


Maidenhead and surrounding local authorities

Key contact:

Chief Executive, Orla Gallagher


01628 543143,

Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

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Housing Solutions existing rating has been reconfirmed as A+


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Housing Solutions provide good quality, affordable homes to rent and buy across the South East of England. Established in 1995 we now own, manage and maintain more than 7,500 properties across Berkshire and Hampshire.

We offer a wide range of housing options, including affordable homes to rent, properties to buy under shared ownership, market rent properties, and specialist accommodation for older people and people who need care and support to live within the community.

We are currently working hard to maximise the number of new homes we build, to help improve the shortage of social housing locally, which forms part of our six year strategic plan, to achieve happy customers and provide more homes. 

We maintain a healthy A+ credit rating with Standard and Poor’s. We have also been awarded G1 V1 in our recent IDA by the Social Housing Regulator.

Why we joined PlaceShapers

"We support the vision of PlaceShapers and believe in independent housing associations serving the needs of their local communities in which they operate."

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