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East Midlands

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Chan Kataria, Chief Executive


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Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

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We are one of the largest housing and care providers in the East Midlands. We own and manage 20,000 homes and work in over 40 local authority areas, and provide care and support to hundreds more customers. It is our vision to be the best social housing and care business in the country, leading the market as service provider and employer. 

In July 2018 we were appointed a strategic partner of Homes England, securing £30.5m in grant funding. This has enabled us to increase our development of new homes by 80 per cent, and will see around 2600 affordable homes built in the East Midlands by 2023. 

We also seek to have an influence on national and local housing, planning, economic, and social policy. As well as PlaceShapers we play a significant role in a range of other organisations, including the National Housing Federation, the Chartered Institute of Housing, and Health and Supporting People commissioning bodies. 

The group consists of:

emh homes: a social landlord with over 20,000 homes

emh care & support: a specialist provider of care and support services to a wide range of customers, from people with disabilities to victims of domestic abuse

Midlands Rural Housing: providers of specialist rural development expertise and management support for rural housing associations

Hello Homes: a specialist home sales agency

Social return on investments

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously, and have a strategy that sets out how we will achieve maximum social, environmental, and wellbeing value in the communities we serve. 

As an employer, community leader, and developer, we want to make a positive difference to the world and ensure that our actions will be in line with our Business Plan as well as sustainable. 

The focus of our strategy is to ensure that we achieve our objectives through careful stewardship of people and resources. By carefully managing our social, economic, and environmental impacts, we will also achieve our vision of being the best social housing and care business in the country. 

Our strategy covers three key aims are supporting our employees, supporting the environment, and supporting communities. 

As the strategy underpins everything we do - running the business, building homes, maintaining our existing stock, and supporting people in their homes – our aims can only be achieved with support from across the entire business. The value of our efforts will be evident from a range of outcomes.

Why we joined PlaceShapers

It is vital that at a time of fundamental change the voice of medium-sized community-based housing associations is loud and strong, and that we collectively articulate the importance of what we do in shaping places and communities. A huge amount of work is carried out on social and economic regeneration as well as providing homes and this work must not be lost in the clamour for building more homes especially at a time when market conditions are proving increasingly hostile to growth.

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