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Connect Housing


Leeds, Kirklees and Calderdale

Key contact:

Helen Lennon, Director of Neighbourhoods and Communications


0300 5000 600,

Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

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Our passion is for a fairer society, where people’s homes, health and happiness matter. We aim to help people enjoy healthy and fulfilled lives. For us that starts with a good home, but often that is not enough, so we also offer support that is shaped for the existing and future needs of our tenants.

In partnership with other community-based organisations, we aim to help people to create for themselves the lives and neighbourhoods that they want.

At a time when resources are shrinking nationally, we are even more committed to investing in health and wellbeing services to address mental ill-health, loneliness and isolation.

We understand the importance of investing in young people and helping them get started on their career journey: they will help shape the future of our communities.

At a time when many people are under huge financial pressure, we have prioritised supporting individuals and families to maintain tenancies and take control of their finances. We include in this our commitment to creating truly affordable homes, taking into account the whole cost of running them. As such, value for money is at the heart of everything we do.



Why we joined PlaceShapers

"In our rapidly changing environment we are looking for colleagues with whom we can debate the way forward and find solutions within our shared values."

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