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Broadland Housing


Norfolk and North Suffolk

Key contact:

Michael Newey, Group Chief Executive


Homes managed Homes to be built to 2022/23

Broadland Housing news

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Broadland are delighted to partner with Norwich Credit Union to provide their tenants with a safe way to save


Broadland are delighted to welcome Catherine Little to Broadland taking up the role of Executive Housing Director

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5 new affordable homes officially opened in rural community


Additional services

We believe regular engagement with our tenants is an essential part of our business.  We run a year long engagement programme where our staff speak directly to our tenants on their doorsteps.  We also encourage feedback on our services through our Community Improvement Panel and Digital Panel (via online polls and questionnaires). ‘Better Together’ is our rolling programme of local events and activities to combat loneliness in our communities.

We have been participating in the Benefit to Society campaign to end the negative media stereotyping of social housing, and two of our tenants remain actively involved in the campaign.

We reach out to communities where we are planning new schemes by consulting with them at concept and planning stages. We have a dedicated Tenancy Support team to help tenants with welfare benefit claims, tailored 1-to-1 training in digital skills and money management to help tenants develop confidence online, get back into work or improve their household budgeting.  


Why we joined PlaceShapers

We’ve been providing high-quality affordable homes and supporting our tenants for more than 50 years. Alongside our Placeshapers partners, we’re helping to create thriving communities and better life opportunities for the people of Norfolk and North Suffolk.

Star Builders

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