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Matthew Walker appointed Chair of Placeshapers

Matthew Walker, Chief Executive at Leeds Federated Housing Association, has been appointed Chair of PlaceShapers, the national network of community-based social landlords.

Matthew succeeds Sinéad Butters, Chief Executive of Aspire Housing, who has been Chair since 2015.

Matthew said: “I’m honoured and delighted to take on the role of Chair from Sinéad. I’m very much looking forward to spending time with members in order to cement the relationship between our Board and members and to build on Sinéad’s great work. PlaceShapers is a vibrant organisation that can work with government to effect real change for our customers in social housing.

“Our members have powerful local stories to tell which can help provide a clear and compelling picture of the social housing sector on a national level. I want Placeshapers to focus on a number of issues which we will expand upon in the coming months and I would like the board to work really closely with members to build more social homes, ensure that our customers have safe and secure homes and to support them and their wider communities.”

Matthew was unanimously appointed by the PlaceShapers Board on Wednesday 10th June 2020 after an interview led by Board members.

Sinéad said: “PlaceShapers were established in 2008 as an alternative voice to the sector’s larger players; a movement for those that identify with being community-based landlords.  We are values-driven with principles about putting tenants at our hearts, working with local authority partners, building homes that are needed locally and offering diverse services.

“Now no longer about size, but about local impact deep in communities, we have matured and grown. I have been proud to lead PlaceShapers for five years, influencing policy and championing the difference made by our members.

“Matthew will be an outstanding leader – he will be leading a Board of committed chief executives from around the country.

“I will always stay connected to PlaceShapers, both through Aspire Housing as a member and through the amazing people I have worked with.”

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Matthew Walker

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