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Concern for 444,000 vulnerable 

PlaceShapers have responded to today's House Of Commons debate on supported housing.

PlaceShapers chair Sinéad Butters said: "While we recognise the Government’s commitment to the care given by housing associations to highly vulnerable people in supported housing, our fear today is that disaster looms for those people. The announcement of supported housing being exempt from the first year of rent cuts is acknowledgement of the need for a specific approach, but the impact of the Local Housing Allowance cap is far more significant.
We are bitterly disappointed a decision was not taken after today’s debate to exempt supported housing from the LHA cap.  Without this exemption, or a guarantee of an alternative funding stream, many schemes will close with huge personal implications and knock-on costs to the wider public purse.
This would be a disaster for many of the 440,000 people living in supported housing managed by housing associations. This includes extra care for the frail elderly, dementia care schemes, support schemes for young people leaving care, women fleeing domestic violence, those recovering from alcohol and substance misuse, those with mental health issues and those with physical and/or learning disabilities.
We will continue to press hard and work alongside our colleagues at the NHF for sense to prevail and for vulnerable people to be given the protection and support they deserve.  Nothing less than complete and absolute exclusion for these groups from this policy will do."

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