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Levelling up

We play a unique role in places as community anchor organisations who work and invest in places for the long term, providing critical 'social infrastructure.'  We build and manage high quality, affordable homes to rent and to buy. We work in partnership with people and communities to create jobs. We provide community spaces and services and support local charities, community groups and local government. We are responding in partnership to the critical issues of our time, including Covid-19, rising poverty and inequality and the climate emergency.

We are working with Bright Blue Intelligence to engage ‘red wall’ MPs in our work. We're highlighting how we’re already contributing to their communities and looking to work with them to further strengthen this for the benefit of their constituents and communities.

Our policy briefing will be launched in 2021. If you’re a member who would like to contribute, please contact


Star Builders

Two Rivers New homes & new partnershipTwo Rivers New homes & new partnership

Star builders
PlaceShapers' latest Star Builders are the West Midlands, building 9,375 more homes by 2023. more...

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