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#KeepTheLifeline Campaign Pledge of Support 

The government have now confirmed their intention to cut £20 from Universal Credit in October.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation are leading a campaign to urge the government to do the right thing and #KeepTheLifeline, reducing the insecurity people face, and giving families the stability they need.

As we look to rebuild our society, ‘level up’ and ‘build back better’, it would make no sense at all to weaken social security by cutting Universal Credit this October.  

Instead, the Government must ensure people who are still receiving legacy benefits, many of whom are disabled or carers, are no longer excluded from this vital improvement to support.

Support your residents by pledging to back the campaign to #KeepTheLifeline 

Ways you can support the campaign

  • Chief Executive write to (and meet if possible) your MP to raise concern about the cut on your community –particularly if in a Conservative constituency
  • Gather case studies from your residents to bring to life the realities of the proposed cut
  • Be reactive and proactive on Social Media #KeepTheLifeline

Please pledge your support and back the campaign to #KeepTheLifeline by completing the form to the right.  Then we will keep you updated on the campaign and what we, as PlaceShapers can do to support it. 

If you have any questions or queries please contact Charlotte Kay via email.

Organiser Details

Name: Charlotte Kay


Telephone: 07940111283

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