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Housing Minister engages with London tenants

On Thursday 7 December, PlaceShapers member Shepherds Bush Housing Group hosted an engagement event between social housing tenants and the Housing and Planning Minister, Alok Sharma. The event was organised on behalf of PlaceShapers for the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The day began with approximately 30 London-based social landlords, including 11 PlaceShapers members, meeting with the Housing and Planning Minister. The tenant engagement session followed, with more than 100 residents from across the capital present to raise the issues of most importance to them directly with the Minister and his DCLG colleagues.

The session covered areas including fire safety, building homes, and the way that social housing tenants are represented in the media. As discussions concluded, the Minister promised that all tenants in attendance would be written to, with their concerns and ideas being used to inform and contribute to the upcoming Social Housing Green Paper.

As he opened the event, the Minister encouraged those attending to be “completely frank” about their reflections on their experience of the social housing sector, whether positive or not so positive. Responding to the points raised, he said: “I hope these conversations will bring about a sea change. There will be a sea change in the number of homes built, and a sea change in the impact of tenants’ voices. But there will also be a key change in the way people view social housing”. He concluded by hoping that, in the future, everyone present will “say this government has put the fairness back in the housing market.”

SBHG Chief Executive, Matt Campion, said: “SBHG was delighted to host this event on behalf of PlaceShapers. As a sector, we understand the importance of listening to our residents. As well as providing new homes, we need to understand and deliver what they need. Everyone who participated in this event has been part of helping the Housing Minister and the Government hear tenant voices and understand what it means to live in social housing now – and importantly, what we can all do to improve on that.”

SBHG CEO Matt Campion with Housing Minister Alok Sharma MP

Alok Sharma MP engages with London tenants

Alok Sharma MP engages with small group

Alok Sharma speaks

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