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Housing Associations - Heroes or Villains? Research uncovers MP perceptions

Housing Associations - Heroes or Villains? Research uncovers MP perceptions: In recent months, members of the PlaceShapers Group have been meeting their MPs to discuss the PlaceShapers agenda and establish their views on housing associations and what matters most to MPs when dealing with them.

The results confirm the PlaceShapers agenda is 'on the button'. With a forecast of rising social housing need, the time has come to make sure open and honest dialogue exists between key players in the social housing sector and decision makers in government.

The majority of MPs canvassed favour local housing associations and are supportive of the PlaceShapers ethos. However, they do have mixed views about housing associations in general and feel that many housing association chief executives could do more to build stronger relationships with their local MPs.

Not surprisingly, a quick, full and personal response to casework queries is what matters most to MPs and the quality of that service will have a direct bearing on a housing association's reputation.

Barbara Thorndick, Chief Executive, West Kent Housing Association and founder member of the PlaceShapers group said: "This research is really important. Our reputation is built upon not only the services provided to current and future customers but also the quality of contact with key decision makers. MPs are key to our success."

She continued, "There is no room for complacency. We need to improve the quality of contact and responsiveness to MPs and ensure we take a lead to support and serve our MPs well."

Please click here for a link to the full research report Heroes or Villains? - MPs Perceptions of Housing Associations

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