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Housing and Planning Bill response

PlaceShapers are studying carefully the new Housing and Planning Bill that has been introduced to Parliament by the Government. Like the Government, PlaceShapers are committed to ending the housing crisis. Above all else we remain committed to our role to provide affordable homes and services that respond to local needs, build  strong communities and help individuals raise and meet their aspirations.

We welcome the Government’s commitment that those who genuinely need support continue to receive it as this a key part of what PlaceShapers are here to do. We also share the Government recognition that Britain’s housing crisis can only be solved with a massive housebuilding programme.

PlaceShapers are key providers with more than 90% of us actively developing and providing new homes. We have the development expertise and local relationships to unlock sites, to negotiate agreement with those who may initially oppose new homes and to ensure the necessary investment in the wider community. However any housebuilding programme cannot be at the expense of the very real requirement for social housing for those on very low and variable incomes where home ownership is not a reality in any circumstance.

We are concerned to ensure that the Housing and Planning Bill will address this need effectively and we will continue to work with our local partners and Government to deliver rounded solutions to identified local housing needs wherever we can.

Picture from a new supported housing development underway by Hightown



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