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The three food banks, The Need Project, Towcester Food Bank and East Northants Food Bank, operate across Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire and have each asked for specific goods which will help them put together Christmas food parcels being distributed to local families, single people and older people.

Aileen Evans, GUHG’s Group Chief Executive, said: “Christmas is a time of giving and goodwill to all, and our GiveaGift campaign has proved this yet again. There has been a fantastic response from staff and local businesses.

“The crisis parcels are a lifeline, especially at this time of year, and will make a huge difference to people who are currently experiencing difficulties or financial hardship.”

Gordon Hamilton, Project Leader of the Need Project, said: “We really appreciate the support and the amazing generosity of individuals who have contributed to our project.

“We’re very grateful to everyone who has donated items; they’ll go a long way to help those in need this Christmas.

“When people find themselves in crisis, we can help them out and try to get them out of difficulty. The donations from GUHG will go a huge way towards this.”

Each food bank asked for set items to help with the putting together of food parcels for the festive period. The donations will help over 880 people during the festive period with the Need Project providing 500 parcels, Towcester Food Bank providing 250 and East Northants Food Bank providing 135.

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