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The John O'Conner Team started early in the morning, breaking up the soil so we could put in over a hundred new plants around Swan House.

Residents and colleagues from our Compliance, Community Development, Caretaking, Enfield Single Housing and Communications Teams worked together to put in the new flower beds, and to make the area greener and more homely for the people living there.

We're very thankful to the residents for all their hard work helping us with the gardening. We're delighted that one of our residents, Alexander, worked so hard that Michael from John O’Conner offered him a full time job! He started on Monday and will be covering much of the gardening in Enfield over the summer holiday.

Find out more on our website:

As part of our Irene Barclay Gardens In Bloom Fund we're also supporting other local gardening projects in London and Hertfordshire. The fund aims to bring the community together and to inspire the love of gardening across all age groups.

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