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Foxfield School to open life skills learning centre

Magenta Living is supporting Foxfield School in Woodchurch, by providing a property that will be developed as a life skills learning centre for the students.


Foxfield School provides learning and support for pupils with severe, complex and profound learning disabilities.  As part of the support they provide for their pupils, Foxfield School were looking for a property to use as a skills-for-life base, from which staff could teach pupils various life skills, from ironing clothes to making a cup of tea. A suitable house was identified in a Magenta Living property on Home Farm Road in Woodchurch, and the Building Services apprentices from Magenta Living have started work on transforming the property into a suitably adapted home, where pupils can go to learn the skills they will need as they reach adulthood.


Three painting and decorating apprentices started work on the property this month, and will carry out a full internal redecoration of the house. This follows on from adaptations works which had already been carried out by the technicians of Magenta Living, the largest social landlord in Wirral, when internal doorways in the house were widened, alongside handrails and an external ramp being installed to allow wheelchair access to the property.


In addition to using the house during the day, pupils will also be able to sleep there with carers on site, to teach them the process of getting ready for bed at night and getting up in the morning.


It is hoped that the property will be ready by the end of March, allowing staff at Foxfield to furnish the house ready for pupils to use after the Easter break.