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PlaceShapers submission to the Elphicke Review

PlaceShapers have responded to the Elphicke Review, set up to explore the role that local authorities could play in increasing the supply of housing.

The PlaceShaper submission concludes concludes. "Britain’s housing crisis will not be solved without a massive housebuilding programme. This needs to be across all tenures and to include substantial investment in new social housing at genuinely affordable rents. We therefore welcome the Government’s review into how the local authority role in new housing supply can be supported further and see ourselves as trusted partners in helping to make this a reality.

PlaceShapers members have greater capacity to develop new homes than they are currently able to deliver. Land, build costs and the cuts to grant rates now mean that many of us have passed the tipping point that makes new house building a viable activity despite extensive internal cross-subsidisation to support this. Grant rates should be restored to their previous levels so that our unused capacity can be released to work with local authorities to drive delivery of genuinely affordable new homes on the scale required."

To read PlaceShapers full response click here.


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