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Much needed investment in new homes welcomed but the working poor must share opportunity and aspiration

In response to today's spending review, the Chair of PlaceShapers, Sinead Butters, said: "We are pleased that the Government has placed housing centre stage in its spending plans and we of course welcome the plans for new homes announced today. Indeed we hope that our 116 housing association members will be key to delivery to of this commitment. However, the refocusing of government support towards home-ownership at the expense of genuinely affordable new rented homes continues to concern us.

Whilst the Chancellor included some rental homes in his definition of "affordable" housing, we are not clear how these will help many of those we aim to support. This includes the working poor on very low and variable incomes for whom home-ownership of any type is not a realistic option. People in poverty or struggling at the margins of society also need homes and we remain committed to supporting them too.

“We welcome the rethinking on reducing tax credits as support for the working poor helps them be part of the opportunity and aspiration of which the Chancellor spoke. We hope that other changes to welfare support, including changes to Housing Benefit entitlement, will not create undue additional hardship and will be studying the detailed implications of this and other announcements with care.

“We remain committed to working with government and our local partners to deliver the new homes and local services the country so desperately needs. Last year, PlaceShapers collectively delivered a further £128m worth of efficiency savings whilst still providing almost 14,000 new homes across all tenures and local services that make a real and lasting economic impact. With 90% of our members building new homes, we currently contribute around 25% of the National Affordable Housing Programme.” 



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