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Crown Simmons Housing, is pleased to announce that, following a successful period of resident consultation, the organisation has been appointed to manage the Hewitt Homes Trust from 1st April 2018.

Hewitt Homes is a Trust of 49 sheltered properties for older residents, which have previously been managed by VIVID. Crown Simmons Housing is a housing association based in Esher, Surrey that owns and manages around 700 properties in London and Surrey.

Crown Simmons Housing were chosen as the ideal administrator of the Hewitt Homes Trust as they have a similar Trust in their portfolio, which provides housing to older people in financial need. In addition, Crown Simmons Housing are locally based to both Hewitt Homes properties: Haughton House and Ballindune in Haslemere, Surrey.

Emma Solomons, Customer Services Director at Crown Simmons Housing said:

"We are delighted to welcome the tenants of Hewitt Homes to Crown Simmons Housing, and look forward to providing them with the same accessible, high quality service that marks us out as a unique local landlord."

This service restructure has been arranged in the interest of the Hewitt Homes residents who will benefit from a more effective management service at a local level from Crown Simmons Housing, a Surrey-based housing association.

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