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In response to today's announcement at the Conservative Party conference, PlaceShapers Chair Sinead Butters said: 

"Social housing is a diminishing and precious commodity which is vital to the infrastructure of our country and economy. Our concern is this could worsen the housing crisis if not linked to more investment in new social housing which in turn allows us to tackle homelessness, reduce waiting lists and support move on accommodation.

"We know the aspiration for many is home ownership - PlaceShapers support people to fulfil this dream - but there are many millions for whom this will never be an option. Shelter’s housing commission concluded the need for 3.1 million more social homes over the next 20 years.

"We now need to look at the detail to assess its potential impact on many issues such as building supply and the opinion of lenders on our ability to borrow to build more. We will be asking members to run this through business plans and looking at impact on valuations to inform this.

"It would be counter-intuitive if an unintended consequence meant housing associations could not service their debts or increase supply to help tackle the housing crisis."



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