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PlaceShapers respond to CLG inquiry into new housing.

PlaceShapers have responded to the Communities and Local Government inquiry into the financing of new housing supply

The reponse highlights that there is a real opportunity to ensure that the nations housing needs can be addressed and the current economic challenge provides the catalyst to re-shape the market.

PlaceShapers believe there are a range of steps that can be undertaken which will improve the supply new affordable housing, if we:

  • Establish a strong political vision with the aim of re-balancing the UK housing market

  • Reduce the size of the private sector land bank

  • Increase the supply of free/discounted public land

  • Adopt a shared risk approach and accelerate deferred land purchase arrangements

  • Ensure that any move to a purely revenue based grant model is deliverable regionallyContinue with the new affordable rent model as it will increase capacity but on its own will not see a stepped increase in new supply, particularly in the Midlands and North

  • Increase private finance and stability

To read the full response, please click here.

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