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Biggest builders

Seven of the top 50 housing association home builders are PlaceShapers, according to Inside Housing’s Biggest Builders. Between them the top 50 completed 31,988 homes in 15/16. The PlaceShapers are Sentinel, Hightown, Together, Saffron, Town & Country, EMH and CHP.
Biggest Builders also look at homes in the pipeline - 78,821 by 2018 - with eight PlaceShapers among the top 50. These are Cross Keys, WHG, Hightown, Saffron, Sentinel, CHP, Gentoo and Grand Union.
Biggest Builders backs up independent data from HouseMark which shows PlaceShapers ‘punch above their weight’ building new homes while also delivering substantial community investment.
PlaceShapers Chair Sinead Butters said: “The value of community based housing associations is clear. Our ethos is to build homes as well as lives. As we’re embedded in our local communities, the homes we build respond to local housing need and our services respond to local issues. Our local partnerships mean that we unlock development locally to build high-quality new homes in thriving communities.”
In total PlaceShapers members plan to build 26,000 homes over the next two years. The PlaceShaper development of the month is Hightown.

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Star Builders

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Spring star builders
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