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Budget response 

Sinead Butters, chair of PlaceShapers, said: “While the investment in the housing sector is welcome we need to understand the detail of how this will support those for whom owning a home can never be a reality.

“The Government’s commitment to the stability and security of future generations must meet the Government pledge of being fair. This must include ensuring housing of all tenures is available, accessible and affordable.

“Ahead of the budget the Prime Minister Theresa May highlighted to the House of Commons the role of housing associations in solving the housing crisis. We hope the detail will reveal how the £44bn investment will be allocated to support this.

“We welcome the new £300m for estate regeneration but await clarity on what this actually means. PlaceShapers have a strong track record of success in steering estate regeneration which builds and enhances the sense of place for those who live in the area and may have done so for decades.”

“The reforms to Universal Credit are a good starting point and we look forward to working with policy makers to further shape reforms to create the modern welfare system described by the Chancellor.”

PlaceShapers are planning to build 88,000 homes by 2022 and its national conference last week looked at overcoming barriers to construction.


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