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Autumn Statement Announcement 2016


PlaceShapers welcomes today's Autumn Statement announcements and in particular the new more flexible funding for affordable homes. On hearing the news, our Chair, Sinead Butters, said:

"We are delighted that the new government recognises the role that that housing associations have in building the new homes this country needs and our capacity to do more. The housing crisis requires bold actions and today's announcement of additional grant funding for new affordable homes of all types is a welcome move in the right direction. This, along with other moves to help the "just managing" such as the banning of lettings fees in the private rented sector, the decision not to enforce "pay to stay" and concessions on the rate at which benefits are withdrawn from in-work households, confirms that the new administration is listening and willing to change direction when so obviously needed. There's always more to do, more to lobby on such as the LHA cap and funding for supported housing.  But for now, for today, our key message is, we asked for flexibility in funding to be able to provide new genuinely affordable rented homes alongside home ownership programmes and for more investment to support this, and we've got it. As a sector we are ready to deliver and PlaceShapers will be key delivery partners across the country."

November 2016

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