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August star builder

August star builder Saffron Housing are on track to deliver 445 homes in the next three years, part of 88,000 PlaceShapers will build by 2022.

In the past two years Saffron build 649 new homes with a range of tenures throughout East Anglia. This forms part of 52,000 delivered by PlaceShapers in the last six years. 

In 2016/17 of the 329 homes completed by Saffron, 268 were for affordable rent and 41 low-cost ownership homes such as shared ownership. 

Among their newest residents are Bryan and Katie (pictured) who now live in a two bedroom flat in Stalham, Norfolk having been given notice by their private landlord. Bryan said: “Our baby daughter Rosie has lived in three places in her first 10 weeks so it’s great to know we have somewhere she can finally settle! We are so excited - a brand spanking new home and it’s beautiful, just beautiful!” 

Saffron was part of the Voluntary Right to Buy Pilot for their homes in the South Norfolk Council area, working closely with South Norfolk Council to ensure that the new ‘replacement’ homes will be in locations which reflect the wider community need.

Some of Saffron's additional homes are S106s in small market towns which are hoping that new development will revitalise town centres and help support the community facilities such as shops, schools and lesiure facilities.. One town is Stalham in the Broadland District Council area of Norfolk where Bryan and Katie have just moved into their bew homes.

In Inside Housing’s Top 50 Biggest Builders survey for 2016/17 Saffron was second for percentage of growth of stock - in that period thier stock increased by 5.6%.

Saffron has just celebrated the first birthday of The Meadows, its 92 Housing with Care flats in Bowthorpe Care Village. In addition to the flats, where tenants have a care need of over 12 hours a week, NorseCare manage an 80 bed Dementia Care Facility.

The Village has a shop; hairdressers; a restaurant and a great coffee bar which encourage members of the community to come and visit including children and pets too. One of the great facilities is also that there is an on-site prescribing Matron who and a doctor who holds surgery or does home visits twice a week in the building. The £18.9 million Bowthorpe Care Village would not have been possible without a strong partnership between HCA; NorseCare; Saffron and Norwich City Council and our tenants are very happy with the fantastic facilities on offer.

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