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The first meeting of the APPG for Housing and Employment will be tomorrow (Wednesday 24 October). 

The APPG will champion the needs of social housing tenants who are seeking employment and in work progression, and to promote a better policy environment that recognises housing providers as core to tackling unemployment and under-employment amongst social housing residents. 

The APPG, confirmed after the autumn recess, brings together Members of Parliament, Peers, policy makers and housing providers, to explore existing policy and future opportunities to better promote the needs of social housing tenants who are seeking employment or in work progression.

The APPG plans to launch a new inquiry to understand the challenges that lie behind helping social housing tenants into work. The inquiry will take evidence from a range of experts including leading housing providers, sector leaders, employment providers, regulators, local and regional policy makers, and thought leaders in the sector. 

Those holding formal positions on the group are:

  • Chair, Peter Aldous, Conservative
  • Co-Chair, Gareth Snell, Labour (Co-op)
  • Vice Chair, Lord Best, Crossbench
  • Vice Chair, Jack Dromey, Labour
  • Vice Chair, Andy Slaughter, Labour
  • Vice Chair, David Drew, Labour (Co-op)
  • Vice Chair, Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat
  • Vice Chair, Richard Bacon, Conservative

The meeting will cover the terms of reference for the APPG and proposals for the Inquiry.

The regulatory context will be given by Jim Bennett, Assistant Director for Regulatory Strategy, Regulator of Social Housing.

Current research and insight into the role of housing in Employment Support will be given by Joe Dromey, IPPR and Joe Shalam, The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ).

Secretariat support to the APPG is being provided jointly by Give us a Chance (GUAC) and PlaceShapers – two leading membership organisations in the social housing sector who are passionate about promoting the voice of social housing residents, and supporting the work that housing associations do to help people into work.

Managing director of GUAC, Lynsey Sweeney, said: “Through this APPG, GUAC will continue to raise awareness of the work that housing associations do to help social housing tenants and their communities into work, and raise the voice of social housing tenants who are seeking work and in work progression.”

Matt Campion, PlaceShapers Board Member and CEO of Shepherds Bush Housing Group, said: “Getting a job is life changing but the reasons that some people are unemployed or underemployed can be complex. That’s why PlaceShapers put so much focus on working closely with our tenants. Being close to our communities means we often succeed and have supported at least 60,000 people into employment. This saves public money on welfare and health budgets, and boosts individual, neighbourhood and national well-being. Working with politicians of all political parties to promote a better policy environment will help more people benefit from this.”


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