September star builder

September star builder Colne Housing are on track to deliver 750 homes in the next five years, part of 88,000 PlaceShapers will build by 2022

In the past two years Colne Housing built 315 new homes with a range of tenures in Essex. This forms part of 52,000 delivered by PlaceShapers in the last six years. 

This supply is evidenced through We Build, showing the impact PlaceShapers have made and will continue to make to solving the housing crisis. With 152,000 more homes planned by 2027, we’re almost doubling our output. We Build comes hot on the heels of We Work showing how we’ve helped 60,000 into jobs and employment.

Colne Housing has just opened a brand new community of affordable rent homes by the sea in Harwich.

A mix of 27 affordable houses and apartments have been developed on a former eyesore factory site, regenerating the area which looks out on to a picturesque pond and the North Sea.

Local people welcomed the rejuvenation of the area and have been keeping up to date with the building progress with a public display of before and after photos.

Dean and Shelley Lawson and their three children have just moved into a three-bedroom house with a garden.

Dean (pictured with his family), a full-time painter and decorator, said: “We have just had a new baby and our house was OK but getting too small. This new home is absolutely amazing.”

His three-year old daughter Connie was so delighted when she walked into the spacious rooms she leapt around the garden jumping for joy!

Marcelle Kiera Kristiansen, 51, who has a one bedroom apartment overlooking the sea, said: “I love this place. I wake up every morning and watch the sun rise over the sea. Thank you!”

The homes have been built in partnership with our unique joint venture Iceni Homes. Colne worked closely with Rose Builders the Local Authority Tendring District Council to get the development and lettings right for our community.

Colne Housing engaged with local people throughout the process with a public information day at the planning stage, media stories and invited nominations for the new street name.

Colne's customers, partners and local politicians attended the official opening.

The development is called Bernard Mews after the name of the factory.





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