October star builder

October Star Builder Rochdale Boroughwide Housing are on track to build 145 homes in the next five years – part of the 13,163 being built by PlaceShapers across the north west of England.

PlaceShapers in the region are contributing to the 88,000 homes that members of PlaceShapers across the country will build by 2022.

For Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, their partnership with Rochdale Borough Council on their Strand redevelopment in Kirkholt will bring 16 new affordable homes to the community, alongside new commercial units and a community hub for the use of RBH residents and local community groups.

The development is due to be completed in spring 2018.

As well as the Strand, RBH are working towards the wider regeneration of Kirkholt. This programme includes new flats for older residents, and additional homes in the area which have also been completed this year.

“This is a landmark development which will revitalise the heart of Kirkholt, providing a new range of facilities for the community together with high-quality new shops and homes,” said Clare Tostevin, RBH Director of Communities.

“It’s really great to see the work progressing well and reassuring to know that the project is on schedule,” said leader of Rochdale Borough Council, Cllr Richard Farnell. “There’s a real buzz about what’s happening on Kirkholt and everyone’s looking forward to seeing the work completed.”

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