Response to Theresa May speech to Conservative party conference

Angela Lockwood, Vice Chair of PlaceShapers and CEO of North Star, said: “Theresa May announcing a government commitment to building more affordable housing, including new social housing for rent, signals cross party support for the need to provide secure, safe homes of all tenures.

“We await full detail on how this will be achieved but the announcement of some additional funding together with certainty on rent levels to support borrowing is helpful.

“Our members are ready to help their partner local authorities in whatever ways they can to build the new homes needed across the country. We already have plans to build 88,000 more homes by 2022 but know that so much more is needed, particularly at rents that tenants will be able to afford.

“We still remain anxious about the LHA cap and urge government to resolve this as soon as possible. With this and rent certainty beyond 2020 we could really get off the blocks and deliver.”

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