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Smaller housing associations are a powerhouse in home building, according to a new report.

While all PlaceShapers who build homes punch above their weight in terms of delivery, smaller associations make a vital contribution.

The HouseMark report confirms that as well as building more homes, PlaceShapers invest substantially in communities and have their increased their efficiency.

PlaceShapers chair Sinéad Butters said: “PlaceShapers are ambitious and successful developers as part of a diverse sector which delivered 29% of all new homes in 2015/2016.

“By being close to our communities, we deliver homes which respond to local need and invest in services which build strong communities. That’s what makes PlaceShapers distinct.

“The report findings will help us work with local partners and policy makers to continue building homes and delivering services that support our residents and communities as well as benefitting the local and national economy.”

Laurice Ponting, Chief Executive of HouseMark, said: “At HouseMark we value our close collaboration with PlaceShapers and support the way in which they analyse their findings to tell their own story within the sector. It’s good to see that our report helps showcase the significant contribution they are making to new housing supply, community investment and their commitment to improving operational efficiency.

This is the fourth annual report we have produced for PlaceShapers, drawing on our unparalleled cost and performance data, alongside a custom data collection exercise designed to meet their unique needs.”

Some of the key findings of the report for 2015/2016 include:

Home building
PlaceShapers built 66% of their newly acquired stock, with smaller and medium sized organisations making a strong contribution to this. Read about the January Star Builder.

Community spend
PlaceShapers invested £54.6 million across a wide range of activities, focused on area regeneration, employment and training and financial inclusion. Read about We Work.

PlaceShapers increased their operating margin by 12.9%.

Tenant satisfaction went from 83% to 86%.


110 PlaceShapers are HouseMark members of which 82 submitted cost and performance data.

PlaceShapers are members of the CLG working group developing a new set of sector wide efficiency metrics.

Pictured are residents getting ready to move into a new home from PlaceShaper star builder Poplar Harca.

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